Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hello again, here's another upcoming class. This is my Thankful
book for Thanksgiving. My idea behind this book was that it could be passed around the Thanksgiving table and everyone would have a tag to write what they are thankful for and then later I could add photos from thanksgiving of each family on their page. The part I am most excited about is that I am making stitching templates for each student in the class to take home so you'll be able to stitch these designs anywhere you please. And I have to just add how much fun I had making this book. When I first decided to do all the hand stitching I was a little worried I was going to want to shoot myself later. But it turns out its so fun and relaxing, I just sit in front of the tv with my hubby and stitch away. I had to laugh at myself when I was doing it because when I finished I actually said "oh Crap". My husband asked whats wrong and I said "I'm done". I was enjoying it so much I was actually mad to quit. That's when you know just how much you enjoy what you do. Hope you're having an "oh Crap" moment.


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