Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jwag's DooDads Newest

Ok, I am finally posting some new creations. I was hoping to debut them on a new blog all about hair fabulousness.....but once again technology is in my way. I bought the cutest blog decor and wouldn't you know it blogger changed & now to get the cute stuff on is impossible (even my computer hubby wants to shoot the computer). So this here 'Ol Blog with have to do for now. Check back soon for a link to the new blog that will be cute & full of cute pictures of cute JWag's Doodad hair accessories....basically it will be just too CUTE!

The newest exciting thing I've been cooking up is...................(pretend the dots are a drum roll) J.Wag's DooDads In-Home Boutique Parties.....YYEEAAHH! That's right I bring the DooDads to YOU! I set up shop in-home & bring along a hair stylist to give awesome hair styling tips that go GREAT with my DooDads. Even better if you are the hostess you get free products & discounts.

So all you lucky folks who are invited to Eileens DooDads Party this friday the pics on this post are a little preview for what is to come Friday! Enjoy! I'll post more pics tomorrow!


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