Friday, October 15, 2010

Spookalicious Hair DooDads

Every good costume needs a horrifically haunted finishing touch. So if your looking for the perfect DooDad to top off your creepy ensemble look no farther. You can find all these Haunted DooDads at Contagious. BTW I designed them for Teens & Adults but my teen was off being a teen when I needed to take some quick pics. Miss Iz happily filled I guess little noggins can wear them too! The first two are on barretts, The Spider Queen is an elastic headband & the last two are on firm headbands. And if these don't quench your creepy craving you can place a custom order by e-mailing me. Spiders Blood
Caught in the Web

The Spider Queen

Dark Mystery

Bloody Rose

The Haunted Heiress


Blogger mindi said...

So fun! I love the spiders :)

8:02 AM  

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