Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Minutes of Fame!

Well, today was the big day at Mystic Paper, Terri O. from Sonoran Living (channel15) came today to shot for an upcoming episode. I'm so excited for Kim and Jennifer. They shot tons in the store, in fact they were at Mystic longer than the other two shops, great advertisement. So as I had said before I might do the demo on camera, and I DID!! Hopefully I wasn't too big a retard. I don't know if I'll even be able to handle watching it later. We shot it so fast I'm not even sure what I said. And ok Terri O. is sooo tiny I look like a big pink blob next to her, seriously you could probably fit four of her into my jeans. Ah so sad for me. Maybe someday my thyroid will work right and I can finally lose all this tubby stuff. Is it tacky to wear a shirt that says "I'm not pig, I just have a stupid thyroid". Got to laugh about it. Check the Mystic Paper blog for pics, I was a loser scrapbooker and forgot my camera, sinful. I know Kim got some cute pics with Terri O. I'll check in soon with the air day for the show. Have a super super show.


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