Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, I'm here again I've been trying to set up an online resume, but it doesn't seem to want to do it in a timely manner so I'm going to post a bunch of my stuff here for the Maya Road Design team search. I am so excited Jennifer Wyatt told me about it, I love Maya Road stuff (especially their tins:)) It's a total miracle I even got the project done. I just found out about the design team search a week ago and of course I had stuff everyday, but who needs sleep right. But one of the reasons why things are so crazy is because Mystic Paper is going to be on Sonoran Living with Terri O. They are filming Thurs. and Kim says she might have me do the demo if Jennifer Wyatt doesn't want to, AAAHHH. I'm really excited for Kim and Jennifer this will be the third time in 3 weeks Mystic Paper will be on TV. I'm not sure yet when it airs but I promise I'll be telling everyone. Well, enough jibber jabber I've got a ton of photos to post. Have a great week.


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