Thursday, November 16, 2006

I almost forgot, you have to watch Sonoran Living on Nov. 27 9am that's when Mystic Paper will be on. So if you can handle watching me blab for 2 min. tune in to channel 15(I don't think I can bear to watch). And just a little side note when we were shotting the demo Terri O. said I made the believe sign myself but really Jennifer Wyatt and I made it together. It's been making me sick that I didn't correct her and give Jennifer her deserved credit. But honestly I had no idea what I said and it didn't sink in that Terri had said I made it until it was over. So if you go to the store anytime soon you'll see the believe garland that Jennifer Wyatt and I made for the show, so if you like it you can tell her good job. I really did have a fun time making it with her. :)


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