Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, the last two weeks have been crazy crazy and more crazy. Last night I taught a second Thankful journal class. I hope the ladies enjoyed it.. we didn't get it all done but it is definitely something you can finish at home. You know me, can't make it quick and easy. Heck, when I do no one signs up. So I guess I'm not the only one who thrives on a little stress. Here's a couple of pics from the class last night. I was so excited because my sister-in-law Vao and even Kim took the class, poor Kim now has one more thing on her to do list.

As I said I've been super busy and a bit forgettful so to motivate myself I blinged up the cover of this great planner my cousin Cathy gave me. I haven't gone anywhere without it for four days because I'm so afraid I'm going to forget something else. Here's a picture of it. (I haven't quite figured out how to place the photos where I want them so hope it makes since. )

Well, I hope everyone is well and remembering everything they need to remember.

Oh and I don't want to forget to brag about my sweet little Max who turned One today and took 6 steps on his own , finally. He is the SWEETEST baby ever, everytime he smiles or laughs I just melt. Gabe was the same way. Of course all my kids bring me heaps of joy but there is just something in Gabe and Max that just seems to calm me. It fascinates me how each child brings their own special something to the family. Pierce is my caregiver, always worrying about me and everything. Sierra is my party girl and Mommy #2 (at least in her mind), she helps me remember to have fun and laugh. Gabe is my Angel Gabriel, even though lately he is the root of most of my frustration, he still can make everything ok for me with just one smile. Izzy is a sweety and cracking me up, Daddy needed his other little girl real bad. And then there's Max with that smile, I don't remember the other kids looking at me the way he does, he just melts me. I just can't believe how blessed I am sometimes....What a joy children are.


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