Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, I am certainly a losey blogger. Today I'm alittle bummed out. Yesterday was Gabe's B-day and the poor sweet boy was throwing up all all all day. He never complains when he's sick but yesterday his head hurt so bad he was balling. Plus Max throw up and had diaharia which caused a terrible rash. And Izzy was having trouble breathing, she felt so bad she actually asked for a breating treatment, that tells you how bad she felt cuz she hates the treatments. So since everyone was dying we canceled everything for today - Gabe's baptism, basketball and his party. And this morning everyone is FINE. Yeap I cancelled his baptism and he's fine, absolutely FINE, in fact right now he's at his basketball game. I'm so bummed, but I still think it was the right thing to do the babies still aren't 100%. So anyway today we are going to try to make up for Gabe's losey birthday. I made him a little book I had planned to display at his baptism. I'm going to try to post some pics of it, I tried earlier but it didn't work so I'll try again. I'll blog later with christmas decoration stuff. Hope all are healthy - have a super duper day.


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