Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh,my goodness, I haven't blogged in forever and for good reason, I've been crazy busy on TOP SECRET stuff for quite awhile now. My sister-in-law told me she heard that the scrapbooking industry has more secrets than the CIA - this just might be true. But it is now time to let the cat out of the bag and let me tell you this cat wanted to rip a hole in the bag. I hate keeping secrets...but I suffered through it and now I can tell all. I've been working with Bazzill Basics Paper on a new product I created called IN STITCH'Z.......they are stitching templates made out of clear plastic with holes punched in them where you use a paper piercer to poke holes that you go back and anyone can create awesome hand sew designs on their projects without needing to know how to draw or sew. Which is perfect right now since you can't open a magazine without seeing stitching. There are 8 different sets of templates each containing 6 different designs and two border sets containing 8 designs. The sets include: Flourishes, Flowers, a girl set, a boy set, a christmas set, baby set, birds & paisleys and a family set. There are words as well as images. I am so excited about the piercing pad because it's 12.5" x 6.5" which means you can pierce across your 12 x 12 layout with one of the 12" borders all at once... no lining up. There will also be a carring case (which they have made really affordable), a wooden handled paper piercer and all the template sets come on a ring so it's easy to keep the sets together and take apart.

Bazzill took me to CHA last week....oh my what fun and what craziness. I was the make and take lady ....craziness. Bazzill had me design a 8 x 8" Halloween album cover using stitching. Let's just say people were really excited to get a free album, we're talking waiting in line for up to 2 hours to make one. It got really crazy the first day, I think I had wimp written across my head because everytime I went to get more albums someone new would sneek another chair around the table and before I knew it I had no chair for me. People love free stuff!!! Everyone at Bazzill was so nice to me, the line must have looked crazy because they all kept coming and checking on me to make sure I was ok. Honestly I can handle being insanely busy way better than waiting in line like those ladies did. And I would just like to commend all those patient ladies, there was only two times where people got snippy and it was just with each other, luckily not me!

So anyway this is becoming a ridiculously long blog so I'll just post some pics of examples I've made using IN STITCH'Z, I'll post more pics later. Be looking for it come Oct. in your LSS.


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