Monday, May 21, 2007

Here's a couple pics of the Mother's Day present I made my Mom. Sierra had spent the night at my Moms house one weekend and they did a little shopping. They found these totally cute polka dot dresses in red & white and also black & white. But the best find had to be the red and white polka dot shoes. Mom loved the outfits so much she bought my niece Peyton the same ones so the girls could match. Then if that wasn't cute enough she decided all the granddaughters needed matching dresses. She wasn't as lucky finding matching for the 3 little girls but she did find 3 cute red & white dresses for them. So with all the girls looking oh so cute we just had to have a photo shot. I love that they are all in red, because that's my moms favorite color so that's why I decided she needed a little book and box all about her red wearing granddaughter.


Blogger Jennifer and Kim said...

Congratulations on the design position with Bazzill. And your book for your mom, cute, cute, cute! Can't wait for the beans to spill!

6:27 PM  

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