Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh my, where do I begin, it's been so long. The convention went great! Friday's class was a fun chatty group and Sat. was a calm get down to business group. I always think it is so fun to see the difference in classes. Both days went great. I love the energy of the conventions. There is just something about being in a huge group of all women, who are all excited and in love with the same thing, that is just so FUN. I have to admit I felt a little sad as I left the convention Sat. last year Celeste and I went together and had so much fun and spent way too much money. I wish we could have done it again. I have been so busy with all my own stuff lately I feel like I haven't seen Celeste and Vao in forever. I am so blessed to have my sister and sister-in-law as my best friends. I think it is definitely time for a girls night!!!

Well, I just have to brag for a minute. At my last Stella Ruby class Barbara, one of the ladies in the class, gave me the sweetest gift. She made me a beautiful beaded pouch necklace, the beads are so small she uses a microscope. I still can't believe she made it for me. Thanks again Barbara.I also feel I owe the ladies in that class an apology. We altered some 10 x10" old Life photography books I found, I think they were from the 60's or 70's. Well, I didn't exactly look close at the images in the books I was just concerned with size and condition. Oh My! we got an eye full, from crime scene photos to booties and boobs oh my! Seriously it made the class so funny we never knew what was going to show up next.

Last Thurs. was my Mother's Day altered book class. Five of the ladies were new to me so that was fun to meet new people, plus Kim and Ellen joined in too so that was way fun. They were all troopers!! We cut two deep niche in the book to hold mini books. About half way through the cutting marathon I think some of the ladies were ready to shoot me for coming up with the idea.

Well, I really should go to bed but I don't know if I can sleep. I have had a killer migrane all day. I never get these but man I did today. I slept from 1-6pm and it still hurts, so annoying. Before I sign off I just turned in my fathers day class project "King of the House" to Mystic Paper. It's going to be a fun class. I really tried to make it masculine. We'll be making king playing cards to fill the book and pocker chips are on the outside. The class will be Thurs June 7 6-9pm. So if your not sure what to give your man here's a thought.


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