Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ok, so I finally removed some of the photos from my computer so I could upload the monster load of photos I took last weekend. So, now I can finally post some new pics. Sat. we went to Lehi Days Rodeo, it was a blast. I am not a rodeo gal, well actually I think the rodeo is cool, I guess I should say I'm not an animal gal, especially stinky animals (cows, chickens, pigs, goats etc.) The only animal that I can say I really love is horses. There's is just something awesome about riding them, not that I ave a lot,lol. Lehi days is really a family day, you can sign up for different events. Pierce, Avery & Dakota (my nephews)did the calf ride. We signed Gabe up, but big surprise he chickened out, poor kid has my anxiety (I was a major stress kid, I've gotten better LOL) We also signed Sierra up, but as soon as she saw the boys falling off a second after coming out of the gate she said "No way!". Her friend Melinna took her place, which I am still feeling guilty about she was totally crying, falling hurts. Pierce was the first of our boys to go, he did awesome and rode the longest until his cousin Dakota went. Dakota is a natural athlete plus he's a dare devil. The best had to be Avery. The gate opened and the calf layed down. We were laughing so hard. The calf did get up and Avery lasted about a 1/2 second. He was a great sport about, I got a picture of him laughing as he walked away. It made it even funnier because he was wearing his baseball pants, not exactly rodeo gear but he had practice that day. The pony ride was a big hit, even Izzy and Max got to ride. Max's favorite was the tractors and eating graham crackers, Izzy liked the animals, Sierra liked being allowed to carry the cell phone and go off witout parents with her friend, Pierce loved the calf ride and Gabe just thought it was fun. I figured we'd go for a couple of hours then leave but the kids we're loving it and didn't want to leave. Luckily my mom was willing to stay with them so we could take the babies home for naps. I went back to get them and unfortunately I missed them in the Greased Pig event. All in all it was a great day. We just might have to make it a yearly thing.


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