Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 here we come, ready or not. Seriously NOT ready. Where did 2006 go. Holy cow I feel like I'm in fast forward. I hope everyone had a better New years than my kids. We've had the flu around here, me and Izzy are the only ones who haven't gotten it. Pierce wanted to stay up for new years more than anyone and the poor kid got hit with the bug hard about 10pm new years eve. And Daddy and I got hit with the biggest, grossest and smellest mess we have ever seen. Someday Pierce will make it to the bathroom to throw up, let's just hope it's before he gets married. Well, before everyone got sick I did get a chance to scrap some pics I've been really wanting to do, so here they are. It was a Max week. He's 6-8mo in these pics. He's changing to fast.


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