Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A sigh of joy, a sigh of relief. It was another great Christmas. The kids were so cute Christmas morning. The big kids were just as excited to watch he little ones open presents as they were to receive them. Gabe was so cute, once he opened his Pirateology book he just zoned out , we actually had to wait for him to stop reading to come open a gift. Pierce really dug the gift Sierra got him (really I got him), it was a really cool belt and a beannie (sock cap) with a brim. Pierce has really gotten into clothes and looking cool this year. He was also very happy to finally own a shirt with a skull on it. Sierra made me laugh because she got the most excited over her slippers. The boys both got rollerblades and Sierra got Heeleys so we spent a lot of time out front on Christmas day watching everyone zooming around (or at least trying) One of our neigbors got a go cart so the whole neighborhood was out hoping for a turn. We are truly blessed with great neigbors and a great neighborood.
One of my favorite things about the holidays is the gift giving. I love shopping for gifts, but I absolutely love making gifts for my family. I don't know why but I actually have way more fun making projects for others than myself. I guess it's the hope that I can let that person know that they are so special to me that I am willing to give of my time not just my $. Time is my most valuable asset. So anyway I thought I'd show you what I made for everyone this year, now that it's safe and everyone has their gifts. Ok I have tried twice now to add photos and it's still not working and now babies are awake and crying so I guess I'll add them later.


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