Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, the Christmas decorations are officially up. I always put them up no later than the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Well, I tried, we got half up that Sunday after Thanksgiving but when I went to do the living room tree we discovered the lights were all dead. So I had to buy new lights, which I kept forgetting everytime I went out. Once I finally bought them I didn't get enough so once again I had to wait to finish decorating. I don't wait well. I hate stopping in the middle of a project. When I painted for people I'd work 12-15 hours quite often just because I couldn't handle walking away from the project.
I love decorating for Christmas. The family room tree is the family tree and every year me and the kids make ornaments for it. The living room tree is MY tree and I and only I decorate that tree. Ok so sometimes I let the kids help a little. This year we did an alphabet tree. I had lots of chipboard letters leftover from A-Z class so we just painted them and hung them with ribbon. I also made some cone trees for the front door, I totally stole that idea out of Creating Keepsakes mag (love that mag) I just jumbo sized mine. Anyway everyone is waiting for me so we can watch Pirates of the Caribean 2. Here's a few pics of the kids decorating the family room tree. You'll notice only Gabe putting on ornaments because Sierra and Pierce decided to have a huge fight so they went to bed and Gabe enjoyed gloating the next morning about how he got to put the angel on the living room tree. Oh those sweet holiday memories. Have a groovy night.


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