Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wow, I am a loosy blogger. Saturday was the final A-Z class, I survived. It was an awesome group of ladies so the class went smooth and we had a fun time. I really wanted to take some pictures of the class in action but surprise surprise I forgot my camera. Seriously I've gotten dumber with every child I've had - it's a good thing I'm done.

Well, this last week I was busy creating a fabric quiet book. I'm in the young womens program at church (laurel advisor), the girls wanted to learn how to make quiet books so I volunteered to come up with an idea. I thought it would be fun and affordable to make them out of old jeans....the pockets are perfect for holding all the little pieces (especially if you've got a big bootie like mine...BIG pockets). Ok,so I thought it would be fun but it was soooo fun to make. I made it like a purse so Izzy could carry it around easy.I think I made ten or more little outfits for the doll/dress up page, which I did an iron on of Izzy's face on....I even sewed a tiny belly button on her, lol. So I tought it would be fun to post some pics of it. It was seriously so easy to make and I can't believe how much Izzy likes it....she wore it around her neck at the store yesterday.


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