Monday, January 15, 2007

Well, Saturday was a special day around here. Gabe was baptized. He was supposed to get baptized last month but got totally sick the day before (his birthday). Believe it or not he got totally sick last week again but we went ahead with the baptism and all went well, he didn't throw-up again until Sunday night. Aside from all the aching tummies we had a wonderful weekend. In some ways I'm almost sad that my sweet little Gabe is old enough to be baptized. I still think of him as my "Baby Gaby". He was the baby for 6 years which makes him the baby of the big kids. Gabe just seems to have this innocence about him. John and I think he must have been a baby spirit when he came to earth because everything is so new and exciting to him. We figure Pierce was an old spirit because I swear that boy knows more than me and he always takes care of me even when he thinks I taking care of him he's really taking care of me. Sierra had to of been a teenage spirit, she's funny, wants to grow up way to fast and everyting is about her. They each have their own quirks that make them special. Gabe's innocence is one of those special qualities, I hope he always has a little of that in him even when he's a man. A man?!!??? Oh that makes me so sad just typing it, No matter how tall or strong or old he gets he will always be my Baby Gaby. Sons truly ar a blessing to Mothers.


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