Monday, March 12, 2007

It's the first day of spring break and two of my kids are typical. Sierra's got a sore throat,etc. and Max is coughing terrible which is causing breathing problems, so he's been doing SVN treatments, which is not easy with a 16month old. My big boys had a fun weekend with my mom. My mom is awesome about taking the kids overnight, she likes one on one time with them, so everyone takes turns. Pierce tries to go about every weekend. This weekend was Gabe's but he didn't want to be alone so he asked Pierce to go with him. Nothing makes me happier than when my kids actually want to be together. They stayed Sat. and Sun. night. Today Mom took them to the Science Center. So at least two out of the five are getting to play a little.

Well, I'm really just blogging to post some pics of my newest class...School Days, it will be May 5 @ 2-7pm. Don't worry, I'll let you take a dinner break(a little one,lol). It should be a fun class, we will be making a large book that will hold all your kids papers, artwork, report cards etc. and a little book that is a perfect end of the year teacher gift. I always make my kids teachers gifts. I thought this one would be perfect for students to write a little note to the teacher in or fill with pictures from school, it's all up to you. I bought the Vintage Ephermera book(Design Originals) just for this class, there are some really cute vintage kids we'll be adding. Hope you like it and hope your having an awesome Monday.


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