Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hello out there. I am finally blogging. Everytime I have tried to blog something would go wrong or I couldn't even get on. It's still not letting me post pics, so I guess it's time to call in the big man (my hubby). Tonight is my finally Stella Ruby class. Seriously it's a great group of ladies so I'm totally excited for tonight. Plus, there's some planning to do with Kim and Jennifer for the convention classes next week. I can't believe the convention is next weekend. There are spots left in the conventin classes 'Pieces of our Past' Fridays class only has 3 spots left but Saturdays is only 3/4 full so if you go to the convention Sat you sould be able to get in. Well, I must say goodbye for now I will try to post some fun pics from my class tonight. Have a super duper day.


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