Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello out there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to all the ladies who were in my class last Thurs. It was a great class, full of great ladies. I think everyone enjoyed learning to paint with beeswax. I am so bummed, because once again I forgot my camera. I really want pics of my classes. Kim did take a couple pics, which I would just like to say whoever posted that dang ugly pic of me is in the dog house. Seriously I look like a fat demon, gotta love the way big eyes always catch the flash. But there are some cool pics of pages the students painted. I taught how to create your own pattern paper with beeswax and paint. The best part was seeing all the great patterns everyone created, seriously dang cool pages. You guys were pros. I'm trying to post some pics of the book we made, but blogger doesn't want to cooperate.

Next Thurs. is my Stella Ruby altered book (first class), and I'm so excited because most of the same ladies will be in the class. I must say I have been blessed with great students who are willing to adventure into my messy madness and are more like hanging out with friends. I really am grateful I get to teach. So, thanks to all you great ladies who make it so worth all the work and really make my day.

Well, it's 12:40am and tomorrow is a busy day. I'll be going to Mystic Paper to finalize all the plans for CKC Mesa. I'm so excited. So I better get some shut eye. Hope everyone has a super duper Friday!!!


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