Saturday, August 16, 2008

School Days

Well, my Sept.2 Bookin' It class project is finally done. Here are some pics of the School Days album we will be making. It's an 8 1/2"x 11" Making Memories rick rack album. It has ten completed layouts and 3 folder pages for keeping all those special papers and artwork. If you want to see it in person it will be at Etc.

Speeching of school I have to go get instruments for my kids today. Orchestra starts next week and Sierra has out grown her violin and Gabe is going to start Cello, very exciting. And Pierce is coming along to drool over guitars, he and Gabe both want guitars for Christmas. Yes that's right my three oldest all know what they want for Christmas already. Sierra wants a digital camera, she has found a green one she really likes, it's all about the color and how it opens. She is so not getting the one she likes, she's only 10 and it's over $200. So I figure as long as I find a green one she'll be happy, she's pretty easy to please. Well, wish me luck shopping or should I say wish my pocket book luck for good deals.


Blogger mom of fab five said...

I finished it stiching and all--it was a really fun class--looking forward to putting pictures in it now---HMMMM which child do i love best? That really is the question...

10:42 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Wagner said...

Nice job! So did you figure out who you love most?

2:02 AM  

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