Saturday, August 02, 2008

Such Creative Kids

Last week was my final Creative Kids Workshop. We made All About Me mini books. Here are some pics of one of the sample books I created for inspiration for the girls. My daughter Sierra picked out the paper and a lot of the embellishments for this book. The girls had 7 different pattern paper schemes to choose from. I brought in my cricket for them to use (which they LOVED) My favorite embellishment I got them was springs for their metal 'ME' on the cover of their books. Their books had ten pages in them and three clear acrylic tag pages, that the girls acohol inked (they had a messy blast with this stuff, plus they loved that most of their moms didn't know how to acohol ink)Basically it was a huge free for all. The kids were so creative and so excited to do it 'their way'. Sierra was my helper again, she really saved the day for me, she's a huge help and I couldn't have done it without her. All in all it was a crazy fun day!


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