Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Fun!

I love Valentines' Day! And I love that now a days it's celebrated for a couple of weeks. I was in a party kinda mood, so Max, Izzy and I had a Valentine party with their little friends Friday. Twelve 2 & 3 years old to be exact. It was so fun. First we had a heart hunt, Sierra and I covered the hallways with paper hearts (the bottom 3' that is) and if they found a heart with a stamp on the back they got a prize (don't worry everyone got a prize.) Then we ate heart sandwiches and frosted heart sugar cookies. And finally exchanged Valentines. I made all the kids these heart bags to put their valentines in. They were so excited to get their bags and valentines and us moms had a blast watching them playing and getting to visit with one another. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day.


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