Sunday, December 16, 2007

'tis the Season

I love love love Christmas time!!!!!! I especially love decorating for the Hoidays! Every year I set up two Christmas trees, one in the living room that is all pretty in silver, gold & cream (matches my Grandmas furniture perfect) this tree the kids call mom's tree because I don't share, only I get to decorate this tree, lol. Then in the family room we put up the smaller older fake tree and the kids & I usually make new ornaments to decorate with, it's lots of fun. But this year I decided to do things different. Last year I saw a Christmas decorating show on HGTV (love decorating shows & HGTV) and this decorator took an artificial tree and turned it into a spiral topiary, and ever since I've been dying to try this year I did. I took the older small fake tree and bent and twisted the branches until I had a spiral topiary. It was really hard and my hands were killing me after the almost two hours it took to do it, but I think it was worth it, the kids think it is so cool. and since all you do is set a few ornaments on top of the spirals I had tons of ornaments left. So this year the family room gets the big tree and pretty sparklie ornaments. I did add some big red poinsettas for some color. I do feel bad that the kids and I didn't get our crafty time together, they did ask what we were making for it. But I honestly think the boys are relieved, Sierra is really the only one who enjoys it like me.
Well, I better get back to my Bazzill assignment and making the CD of party photos for my mom. Her big Christmas party was yesterday I'll have to tell you all about it next was awesome!


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