Friday, September 28, 2007

Trunk Show Fun.......
Here is Rhonna Farrer's table. I loved seeing her 21 challenge books up close. I really like the way she uses transparencies and overlays in her stuff.

Heidi Swapp's table was full of great layouts. It's always fun to see the actual page after you've seen it in books. Cute Stuff!

I sooooo love setting stuff like this up. This is my table or really tables, I decided to bring tables from home, because frankly it was driving me crazy putting all my pink foofoo stuff next to my warm fall colors. I know I'm goofy but like I said I love setting up stuff like this. I decided to do a theme and since we were using the new Bazzill In Stitch'z that I designed I thought a sewing theme would be appropriate. So, instead of table clothes I used dress pattern tissue and I had 4 dress forms on display that I dressed up. I really had a blast making everything.

This fun lady is the fabulous Lesli Spafford. Seriously, you can't be around her without feeling happy, she's just so dang fun and full of life. Her hubby is SUPER HUBBY, he made enough sugar cookies for everyone who attended and they gave them out at the trunk show. Her and Steve used to cater so I loved that they decorated the table with sweets, such a perfect way to display her great cards.
This is Chris Randalls table. I wish I had a close up of the chandlier she made, it was amazing!!!

I totally want to make soldiered ornaments for Christmas after taking her class. She's so talented and sweet.

This is Ms. Heidi Lynn's table. I thought the jumbo layouts were way cool. She also made the paper topiaries, too cute. She's a sweetie.

This is Tracy Niehues beautiful table. She had some way cool projects on her table. She even wrapped chocolates in pattern paper to give to the ladies. Her cards were amazing, she wrote a card book awhile ago and I really need to get it for my mom. I wish I had some close up pics of her stuff, they were too cool for me to describe correctly. She is what I call a clever crafter.

All in All it was awesome!!!!! I feel so blessed that I got to be part of this amazing event. Have a super Duper Day Everyone!


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