Wednesday, September 12, 2007

These are the frames I hung behind me at the trunk show. I had a few ladies ask me to post pics of them and directions on how to make them. So here ya go Beci & gals.

First, I removed the glass and mats from the frames (you could also buy open back frames). I repainted my frames to match my artroom, I choose brown (a tip when you are repainting something like a frame in brown I recommend dry brushing a lighter brown over the top to give it a more natural look)
Next, I cut chipboard (well, really my Dad cut the chipboard,lol) to fit inside the frame. Then, I painted the chipboard with white Gesso, white craft paint works too. Once the gesso was dry I decoupage on dress pattern pieces overlapping each other and I purposely let the tissue crinkle. (tip: if you want a lot of print on your pattern tissue buy kids clothing patterns, also most fabric stores will have clearanced patterns for $1. I love a cheap project)

After the decoupage (modge podge) was dry I dry brushed a little gesso randomly all over, try not to cover too much you want the patterns to show through. Also, sometimes the pattern tissue can be a different color, so make sure you check to see if you like the tissue color.

Once the gesso is dry apply instant age varnish by rubbing the varnish on with a rag. Finally once everything is dry just embellish. I used an assortment of buttons. To get all the colors of buttons I wanted I used the clear Autumn Leaves Bag-O-Buttons and back them with pattern paper in the colors I wanted.
Well, that's it hope it makes sense, it really is an easy project. Have fun and keep creating.


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