Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a weekend!!!!!
Can we say party hard!! Last weekend it was party central around here. We started Fri. evening with Sierra's BIG 10th b-day slumber party, that she has been planning for a year now. I must say it was so fun!!!!! I had as much fun as the girls. Sierra invited her 3 best friends and we had an Asian evening. My sister-in-law Wendy lives in China and she is the one that made it all happen. She did all my shopping for me, she got each of the girls a silky Asian outfit, a jewelry box, notebook, pencil chopsticks and a bracelet. Gotta love the prices in China, I actually spent more on all of Izzy's Birthday decorations and pinata then the girls stuff, crazy. So Sierra's party started with the girls all opening their presents, next we had a little photo shoot (the girls really got into it with lots of funny poses), a Japanese dinner followed (we got out all our Japenese dishes and decorations), then it was birthday cake time....Cheesecake of course for Sierra. After dessert I ran out and had all the photos printed for the girls to scrapbook. I put together some little 6x6" chipbook albums with my zutter (I so love my Zutter) and die cutted some fun flowers and got out a ton of old embellishments and let the girls go wild. The girls were so excited when they saw everything set up for them in my artroom. It was a great party.

Then Sat. Izzy had her 3rd b-day party. She was so cute when we went to Party City to pick out her party stuff. She walked into the store saying I'm having a Cinderella party, we loaded the cart with Cinderella everything then she saw all the Backyardagains stuff and went nuts "I want a Backyardagain party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She was sooooo excited especially when she found the Backyardagains microphones and masks. And the Uniqua pinata made her giggle and giggle.
We got lots of stickers and the kids all decorated their own goodie bags. It was afun party.

Izzy really liked her presents, here she is hugging the cow Madison gave her.
And if that wasn't busy enough our 13th anniversary was Sunday, needless to say it didn't get quite the attention the girls got. My dad did help us make it at least relaxing, he took all the kids for about 5 hours so we could be ALONE!!! I still can't believe it's been 13 years, lol.


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