Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tool Love

Oh me, Oh my, I have been so busy!!!! I never would have survived this crazy creative week without these four great tools! I was never one for buying pricey tools, I use to just get by with whatever I had,ie: glue stick, trimmer & scissors, I thought glue dots were slurging. I am now and forever a firm believer in the right tool gets the job done better and done easier! I would have pulled my hair out today if I would have had to glue all the letters on Gabe & Sierra's posters, but lucky me I have a Xyron. A year ago, I am embarrassed to admit, I didn't even know what it was and now I can't live without it. And then there is the big ATG gun I was so afraid of and too cheap to buy for so long, life saver. The other tool that I could NOT have created without this week was my Cricut. My sweet hubby bought it for me last Christmas, and my first thought was "that was really expensive, I can't believe he bought me that". And anyone who has spoken to me lately knows I am obsessed with the new Cricut cartridge- Storybook.....I Love Love Love it! I did everything for Izzy & Tiana's b-day party with it. I'll post pics from the girls party later and all of Gabe & Sierra's campaign stuff. And then I'll get back to other creative stuff that have been sitting on the back burner forever.


Blogger AllieKat said...

I have seen Sierra and Gabe's posters at the school and they are amazing! If the Cricut did that with a little creativity from the Wagners then I need to get myself one! Oh, and how on earth did you get Gabe to smile normally???

4:14 PM  

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