Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Bling Never hurts!

After my class Friday, I decided I wanted to jazz up my project(that's right, I said jazz up, it's more fun if you do jazz hands while you say it, too). I had taken some pics of the girls just for the project. We went down to this old historic house in downtown Mesa, I can never remember the name of it. It is on Center between University and Main St., it's an awesome place to photograph. But I seem to be cursed when I go there to take pics, because both times I forgot to check if my battery was charged, so both times I only got a few pics that were good. I totally recommend it if you are looking for a new spot to photograph. I wish I knew more about photography.

Homemade was a fun class, it was small but that is such a nice change. I felt so privileged, because I had the sweetest mom and 2 daughters in the class. They were here on vacation from Scottland, so of course I just wanted them to keep talking, I love listening to their accents especially to the kids. Well, I just thought I would quickly post these pics so you gals from class could have some more ideas on how to bling up your projects. John and Gabe just walked in from football so I must say good-bye, I feel like I haven't seen John in forever (since football season started) so I am goin to go get me some hugs and a kiss or 2.


Blogger scrapbook annie said...

Hi Jennifer
We had a FAB time at your homemade class.We're honoured to be mentioned in your blog - that's never happened before! The girls think it's awesome! We are home now and our homedecor projects are up on display. Love how you've blinged yours up.We had a fanastic holiday in your country and it finished up beautifully on the last day, by taking your workshop and shopping 'til we dropped (literally!) in such a great scrapbook shop.
Thanks again.
Anne, Katie and Iona

7:04 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Wagner said...

Anne, Katie & Iona,
Thanks! I am glad you made it home safe. You really were a joy to have in class.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Is the old building a restruant? If it is I have eaten there with my grandparents. They even fold your leftovers into a foil swan.


8:41 PM  

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