Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spooky Spirit

I have been in such a Halloween craft mode lately, it's all I want to do. My poor sweet husband has been biting his lip for a week now, because Sierra and I decided to bring a a big folding table into the family room so we could get crafty and be able to all be together. So yes my family room is still trashed a week later and I keep saying 'today I am totally putting all of this away" then the next thing I know I've got another little project, gift, card, invitations or whatever that will 'just take a minute" and then I promise "tomorrow I can totally clean it up" and here we are today; I am planning on making the invitations for Activity girls and a gift for a friend. So I guess tomorrow, hah haha.

I shouldn't feel too guilty, since John has managed to lose our fall decorations. So see I had no choice but to make some new ones. At least my ghosts weren't lost. I made the BOO banner and I'm thinking I totally need to make one for fall to replace it after Fri. And then maybe a Christmas one to replace the Fall one, and then maybe a Valentine one to replace the Cristmas one, and then of course we'll need Easter & 4th of July too. Oh will the crafting ever end? We hope Not, right!!!?


Blogger sandalloons44 said...

Wow, soooooooo cute Jennifer!
I love the place you took photos at also. Did you live here when the old Bashas was on Robson just off of Main street? Oh I think 1st Avenue. It has changed so much here in Downtown. I do remember Everready's drug store on I think Center/Main Street also.
It is amazing as I love the old houses as the green yards are beautiful!
thanks for being so crafty. I love that!

9:14 AM  

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