Monday, September 22, 2008

Vote Wagner!!!!!

We've finished week one of the Big Campaign. Tomorrow we enter the home stretch. Speeches and voting are Thurs. and Friday will tell all. I am a bundle of nerves.......what if one wins and one loses.....what do you do. I actually think Gabe would be fine, Sierra will be devastated. I still can't believe how many kids are running. Gabe is running for Public Relations, there are three spots -luckily because there are 32 kids running for it. That's right I said 32, holy crap hah. Sierra is running for Vice Pres. there are 11 kids total running for VP. So basically their odds are the same. They have been passing out stickers, pencils, we made some buttons (which I forgot to take a pic of) and of course they were allowed four posters. Here are the pics of the posters we made. Sierra was so cute. I had bought the posters while she was at school and the moment she got home She was dying to work on them, but I had to go to work. I figured no big we'll work on them tomorrow. I got home from work after everyone was asleep and I found my kitchen table covered in painting supplies and three of her posters painted (see photo). She had done them all by herself. And me being the lame overly involved Mom paniced. I told John but you know everone is have their parents help them and what if people can't read it and she loses, and my wonderful NOT overly protective hubby said "then she loses doing it her way". So I listened to my man and I held my tongue and just said great job, way to do it all by yourself. I am really proud of the way she did it herself, she did a great job. But then Gabe wanted me to help him, so we got out the Cricut and fun paper and got to work. He picked all his papers and designs. He was the master of the Xyron & cricut. As Gabe & I are working away Sierra comes in and says she still needs to make one more poster and was thinking maybe she could use the Cricut and some of my paper. Only problem was she had managed to lose one of her poster boards (how do you lose a huge poster board, seriously?!) So she decides to use the back of one she already painted. Once she found the hot pink & black & white she was redoing all her posters. I am so glad I didn't say anything and she did it herself, (and I still got to help,lol) Speaking of losing posters, somehow Gabe lost one of his completed posters when he was putting them up at school (again, how do you lose a huge POSTER?! yahhh kids) This week is more of the same , pencils, stickers, buttons and a secret handout we are saving for Wed. I'll tell you later. Now I must sleep. And I promise to post Izzy b-day pics soon.


Blogger AllieKat said...

Oh you kill me with this! Actually, I can really see where you're coming's hard to think about your kids working so hard and maybe not getting what they want, and it's also hard to sit back and not help, as much as you want to! Both sets of posters turned out great, though! And I'd still love to know how on EARTH you got Gabe to smile like that! That's the most nomral smile I've ever seen on that boy!

Cindy (Berenter-you know!)

4:08 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Wagner said...

Gabe really can smile normal, if he wants to. Doen't he look so cute in the pictures.

11:24 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

I know my kidos are voting for them! GO WAGNERS!

BTW, I love the storybook cartridge, just ordered it today myself.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Your kids worked so hard on these posters! I hope you kept them, maybe they can reuse them next year!

8:21 PM  

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