Sunday, November 02, 2008

Baby Masina

My sweet little niece Masina Louise Medley is already two months old and I am just finally finishing her first year book tonight. I have made a first year book for each of my brothers little girls. Really I'm not late I'm right on schedule. I started making these books three years ago as a Christmas present for Michael & Vao. Tiana was almost three months old at Christmas, then I (as Usual) finished Nua's book when she was almost two months and now Masina' see I'm just trying to be consistant. Any old how I just thought it would be fun to post some pics of some of the book. I am hoping the style of this book fits Masina's personality as well as the other girls books fit theirs. Tiana's book it bright, colorful and playful and a bit crazy just like her, we call her the ring leader, she's a character and a half, she keeps us laughing and on our toes. Tiana's book has a lot of clever openings and hidden spots for journaling. Which so fits her, she is CLEVER! Nua's book is very soft and shimmery with pale colors. Nua is as sweet as sugar, much calmer than Tiana (but can hold her own) with a gap toothed smile that melts your heart. So I am hoping I got it right with Masina's book. If I did she'll be sweet, colorful, flirty and playful. We already know she is a flirt, she LOVES to be talked to and is a snuggle bug. Aren't babies just an absolute blessing!


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