Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Prayer for Emily

I know I haven't mentioned this before on my blog, but a friend of mine from Scrapbooks Etc. Emily, has been going through a rough time. Her husband has been fighting cancer for the second time. Emily has been keeping us all informed on a blog she created about his fight. I hadn't checked it since last Tues. I just checked it and Her husband has lost his battle with cancer. I hope Emily doesn't mind me sharing. I just wanted to ask everyone, even if you don't know her, to please put Emily and her children in your prayers. Emily is an amazingly strong person. She and I used to close at the store together. She'd make me laugh so hard I'd cry most nights we worked together. Tonight I am crying for her and I pray she has comfort and peace. Please pray for Emily!


Blogger cherryl said...

oh jeni, this made me cry and i don't know her. i briefly checked her blog and just cried and prayed for her and was thankful for my family.

9:11 AM  

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