Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Babies

There is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby. From their sweet smell to their angel soft skin, there is just nothing sweeter!! I love making baby books for family & friends. So I thought I would show you all the latest baby book i made for my friend Sarah. This one is a first year book, perfect for keeping track of your little ones growth. It totally matches Max's Itsy Bitsy Pieces book. Which is why I so wanted to keep it. I have no idea how many baby books I have made for others but I know how many I haven't finished for my own kids, so sad so true. But I still absolutely love making them for others. There is just something special about giving your time & creativity as a gift. I think I do it just as much for myself as for others. Creating for others is just blissful!!!

Well, I must head off to bed. I promised myself I'd be in bed super early tonight, yet here i am still up. I am blaming the chocolate dipped strawberries I just finished making for Le JOur D'Artiste, which is tomorrow morning. I have to be at the store by 7am, wish me luck with waking up early.


Blogger Becky said...

um, i´m in love!!! the colors are adorable! i love the white puff ball things too! those make everything so fun! (:

8:02 PM  

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