Friday, February 15, 2008

We (heart) Teachers

Valentine's day is already over! How is this possible? I feel as if time is in hyperspeed, I wish it would just slow down a little or even better I wish there were about 10 hours more in each day (just the thought sounds wonderful). Well, it wouldn't be valentines without making the kids teachers presents. We decided for family home evening this week we'd go down to the store and die cut hearts to make books out of. I came home from that adventure a bit stressed out to say the least, 5 kids in a scrapbook store = not fun. It started out fun then ended differently. So needless to say we didn't finish the gifts that night. We got them all done on Wed. night. The kids enjoyed picking out the papers to use and deciding on the shape of their books. The boys weren't in to the hearts, so Pierce picked out the file folder shape which meant Gabe had to have it too, which is what started the not so fun part of the night. I love my boys! I love my boys! I made the boys glue their papers all onto the chipboard pages, but that was all they were willing to do which was fine with me because I really wanted to decorate them anyway. Sierra was so cute she wouldn't let me do anything, she made her book all by herself. She had so much fun, she really loves to create things. I am bummed, for some reason the picture I took of the book she made is off my camera, so I don't have a pic of it. Izzy and Max wanted to be part of everything too so we made their primary teachers gifts too. Those two were so cute!!!! They worked so hard gluing all the pages on. They kept telling me "Mommy I like gluing" then Max would say "I sticky!" They were so proud of what they had made. Their books are the heart shaped ones. And the big black heart is the valentine made for Gabe. This is our fourth year with Gabe's teacher Mrs. Berenter, our school use to loop so Pierce had her for two years nad Sierra had her last year and now my Gabe has her. Every Valentines Mrs. Berenter has the parents make a big heart Valentine for their child and then at their Valentines party she surprises the kids with them. I was actually a little stressed out making Gabes he had high expectations and he'll tell you if he hates it. Luckily he was very happy with. But the kids weren't happy that I didn't make it to their partys, Izzy and Max were sick. Well, I hope everyone had a super Valentines.


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