Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope You Had a Happy Turkey Day!

I hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving!!! I was blessed with two. We had a early Thanksgiving lunch with John's family, then a huge dinner with my crew. My Mom LOVES LOVES LOVES to cook so we had a serious feast, does three different yam dishes tell you anything. I was in charge of dessert for both...which is my favorite because I can turn it into a craft project.....I made 5 pumpkin pies, 20 pumpkin turnovers, one Thanksgiving cobbler, one pumpkin roll and 60 rice krispy pumpkins.....sadly i didn't get pics of my pretty pies and turnovers (pie crust is so fun to play with) but I did manage one pic of my rice krispy treats for you guys.....I added orange food coloring to the marshmellows once they melted, the steams are pretzel sticks and the leaves are pie crust I cut out & baked then covered in green icing/glaze......the kids loved them.
Our cousins came this year and brought with them one of their Thanksgiving Traditions.....first I would just like to say I did not participate in this cruel yet amusing tradition.......The Bedfords bet on their after dinner weight......My cousin Garrett actually brought a scale with him and had everyone (who was willing to participate) weigh in, then place their bet on their after weight and what they thought would be the top amount gained by the end of the evening. Needless to say Garrett came to win ...... he proudly won with a full stomach and 4.5 lbs. gained. The funniest part had to be when my brother-in-law Rex decided to mess with Garrett (who of course had to oversee the weigh ins, holding his little pen & paper) Rex had put a couple of little 5lb. weights in his pockets before getting on the scale.....Garretts jaw dropped when he realized it was a 10lb. gain......Rex could barely keep a straight face....he finally pulled the weights out of his pocket and we all laughed. My six year old nephew was the most excited about the bet..... he kept checking his weight and reporting back to my time he came to her and said I lost a 1lb., I think it's cuz I went to the bathroom, lol.
Kids are so funny!!!
I am including a picture of my next Bookin' It class, which is this coming Tues. Dec. 2(yeahhhhhhhh)The book is the 12 days of Christmas song. Hope you all survived Black Friday.


Blogger E and T Macdonald said...

Jen, you thoroughly amaze me!!!

BTW, I started a blog (finally after much peer pressure!)

12:34 PM  
Blogger sandalloons40 said...

Wow, what an adorable Book Jennifer!
I missed the class boo hoo. I guess since the economy is bad I have to be careful about spending. I do the makes and takes for about 2 years and I had been so faithful to most classes over the past 10 years. Ok, well those pumpkins are so very cute.

{My wish is to make rice krispy treats and have them stick.} hum, I must conquer this project.

Ok, well I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and continue to have the happiest new year.
Post that tree, as I bet yours was beautiful.

9:56 AM  

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