Monday, January 19, 2009

AHHHHHH!!!!! Too Busy To Blog!!!!!!! Now That's Just Wrong, But True!

Oh Me, Oh My, have I been Busy!!!!!!! And of course I have almost no pics of my busy work to prove it, dang!
We had a wonderful holiday season, that I'll tell you about it later, tonight I can't sleep so I am blogging with all my excusses why I haven't blogged (heeheee)
Ok, here is my excuse of busyness:
1. Made my mom, sister & sister-in-law magnetic calendars (still don't have mine done, so typical Jen)

2. made my Mom a 8x8 scrapbook of last Christmas (seriously 2 weeks of staying up until 2am) it had over 240 pics in it, on over 40 layouts -crazy+fun+tired=happy mom -which=happy me!

3. Made 12 cute little Christmas tins full of chocolate & carmel pretzels for teachers and activity girls

4. Made the 'Joyful' banner (in pics) don't you love all the glitter (glitter = happy me)This project was super fun because I made it when Sierra and her BFF Melinna and I had a girls crafty night.

5. Made our family Christmas PJ's, ok I didn't actually make them but I embroidered them, which took forever because I could only do it when kids were asleep and because I put a ton of fabric glue on, which I found makes it crazy hard to get a needle through (note to self: less glue)

side note: my favorite Christmas tradition John and I started for our own family is we all get new Pj's Christmas Eve night (I try to have them matching). This year I was struggling to find us all matching PJ's. So I figured we could do girls and boys, basically that meant I was going to have to wear pink elephant jammies in yucky flannel. Which lead me to plan B - grey sweat pants & black t-shirts that I could jazz up. The best part was Sierra said they were her favorite jammies ever! And Gabe wants to wear the shirt to school, so I guess they were cool enough for boys. Notice Pierce in the picture, he got sick Christmas Eve AGAIN! Don't worry he was fine in the morning, Christmas miracle.

6. Started my A2Z class project (it's at the store if you want a peek)

7. Had my brother-in-law staying with us forr over a month

And finally the 8th and biggest reason I have not blogged, we have had our house up for sale. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a house show ready with 5 kids, ugh. We did get an offer after only 10 days, but just found out today it fell through, ugh again with the perfect house thing.

Oh wait there are 9 reasons, we've been sick for over a week.

Well, I must say that like rant relieved a lot of guilt for me.

Have a happy day!


Blogger cherryl said...

wow, i can see why you haven't blogged... i havent blogged a bunch because i have felt sick, thats it, one reason! you are seriously so talented jen. so i did go to the new highschool boundary meeting, and our neighborhood is going to the new highschool... so you CAN be my neighbor. it will only be a 4A highschool though... some like that, some wont. that will not change, they made it to be that. but it takes in a great area... did you find a place????

2:13 PM  
Blogger Grammy said...

So glad to see you posted...some of us were getting worried about you. Such cute jammies...and so much more practical than regular jammies. Looking forward to seeing more. Missed you.

2:15 PM  
Blogger sandalloons44 said...

oh how adorable. Can you make us some and I shall pay you?
you are extremely beautiful Jennifer, wow, and even more so in cutest PJ's. What a great tradition. I heard of this before and often wonder about starting one myself.
I did purchase flannel ones for my 16 year old for Christmas day though, he loved them.
Thanks for blogging as yes in deed you have been busy and love the Joyful banner. Glitter happy!!!
Where are you moving too??
Hope not too far away.

9:24 PM  
Blogger E and T Macdonald said...

You amaze me, Jen. I know I always say that but it's true! So... where are you moving?? Up here to Utah?! ;) Now that would be fun!!

9:52 AM  
Blogger michelle said...

Oh Jennifer, you have been a busy woman!!

I hear that you are moving...Sorry I've been a stranger, a lot has been goin' down here too. But, I have been thinking of you.

5:03 PM  

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