Thursday, June 25, 2009

Surprise Mini Projects

In my Creative Kids Workshops I have been doing an extra little mini SURPRISE project each class. Which may I just say has been so fun to plan! I thought you all might like to see a pic of the last one, my Sierra graciously agreed to model it for me. We made fabric/felt 4th of July barretts. And since they are so cute I made two for each little girl in our family = 14 barretts, my fingers were so tired at the end. Now we have to do a photo shoot with all the girls wearing them....can't wait it will be so fun. By the way if you love felt and fabric, fun and funky barretts but don't want to make them check out the beyond adorable ones down at Scrapbooks ETC. made by the cutiest little chick Janeya (her mom is Kelli Collins, super cool lady)


Blogger AllieKat said...

Sierra could totally pose for the "Justice" catalog and you could sell the accessories inside it!

7:53 PM  

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