Monday, June 22, 2009

"We neeeeed a Movie night, too!"

So, here's the thing I love using actual tickets in scrapbooking. While I was kitting my first Creative Kids Workshop Izzy spotted the pink tickets I was using and got sooooooo excited. She immediately asked if she could have some, then her plans began, "We neeeeed a movie night too!" For the next hour she danced and sang as she glued tickets to computer paper making big plans on inviting all her and Max's friends over for a movie late night. It was so cute, I even set up the video camera to film her as she stood at the kitchen table singing, "I'm gluing tickets for my friends..... 'cuz it's a friends movie friends are coming with their tickets to the movie night.....'cuz it's a movie night" the whole time shaking her tiny bootie. Of course Max got in on the plans immediately, Izzy had him running around getting her supplies. Max of course was doing his own version of the 'friends movie night song' his versions of Izzy's songs are usually more like fight songs...he has to kick and jump and break dance while he does it. Oh my goodness it was to die for cute. I love love love that Max & Izzy are best buds and have enough imagination for five kids. Well, I of course promised that day we would have a movie party for the little kids (seriously how could I not and how could I not invite every kid they wanted too). It has taken me two and a half weeks but I have finally made and delivered invitations, with tickets of course, for the big movie party (they invited 16 kids ages 3-5 ...I have officially lost my mind). Max had to have blue invitations for the boys, which of course meant I had to make blue tickets.....NO pink for the boys....and just so you know he SAYS he called them and they wanted blue not pink (yeah, he never called them, but his little made up stories are so cute we just go along with them) Anyway I thought I would post some pics of the cards we made with little pockets for tickets. Izzy and Max want them to bring the tickets to get into the movie party. So cute .....I LOVE this age so sweet, innocent, full of imagination, excitement, love and they can dress themselves and go to the bathroom by themselves...Yeah, Life is good in the Motherhood.


Blogger sandalloons44 said...

oh wow, what an adorable thing to do and your children imagination, well that only comes from the one and only you Jennifer!!!!
Why didn't I ever think of this?
Back when my babies were small, there wasn't that much to offer. But, oh now there is!

6:20 AM  

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