Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh my, I didn't realize just how long it had been since my last post. Our laptop finally died so I was computerless for a few weeks and of course it happened a few weeks after my last post making this post forever away.
Not much is new around here except potty training Izzy, which has really turned into me being potty trained. Seriously, potty training sucks! Max wants to potty train too, and in his little world that means you wear your underwear over your diaper and sit on the toilet fully clothed and just flush it over and over again. I really did try training Max too but it was abundantly clean right away he was not ready. But he sure looks cute in his Cars underwear. Max just turned two a couple of weeks ago, dang he's so cute.
In totally unrelated news, I just had to post a couple pics from Pierce and Gabe's mud war. They had it a few weeks ago when it was still warm. They had a ball. My yard looked like crap afterwards and it took forever to get all that mud out of their hair, but to hear their giggles was worth it. The funniest part was when Daddy made them strip down and hosed them off before they could come in. They're clothes were so covered I throw them away. Watching them out there brought back so many memories of growing up. When I was little we would soak the side of our house that was just dirt and do the same thing, I remember painting the swingset and my cheeks with mud- definitely my favorite part. Mud is just an important part of childhood, don't you think.