Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope You Had a Happy Turkey Day!

I hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving!!! I was blessed with two. We had a early Thanksgiving lunch with John's family, then a huge dinner with my crew. My Mom LOVES LOVES LOVES to cook so we had a serious feast, does three different yam dishes tell you anything. I was in charge of dessert for both...which is my favorite because I can turn it into a craft project.....I made 5 pumpkin pies, 20 pumpkin turnovers, one Thanksgiving cobbler, one pumpkin roll and 60 rice krispy pumpkins.....sadly i didn't get pics of my pretty pies and turnovers (pie crust is so fun to play with) but I did manage one pic of my rice krispy treats for you guys.....I added orange food coloring to the marshmellows once they melted, the steams are pretzel sticks and the leaves are pie crust I cut out & baked then covered in green icing/glaze......the kids loved them.
Our cousins came this year and brought with them one of their Thanksgiving Traditions.....first I would just like to say I did not participate in this cruel yet amusing tradition.......The Bedfords bet on their after dinner weight......My cousin Garrett actually brought a scale with him and had everyone (who was willing to participate) weigh in, then place their bet on their after weight and what they thought would be the top amount gained by the end of the evening. Needless to say Garrett came to win ...... he proudly won with a full stomach and 4.5 lbs. gained. The funniest part had to be when my brother-in-law Rex decided to mess with Garrett (who of course had to oversee the weigh ins, holding his little pen & paper) Rex had put a couple of little 5lb. weights in his pockets before getting on the scale.....Garretts jaw dropped when he realized it was a 10lb. gain......Rex could barely keep a straight face....he finally pulled the weights out of his pocket and we all laughed. My six year old nephew was the most excited about the bet..... he kept checking his weight and reporting back to my time he came to her and said I lost a 1lb., I think it's cuz I went to the bathroom, lol.
Kids are so funny!!!
I am including a picture of my next Bookin' It class, which is this coming Tues. Dec. 2(yeahhhhhhhh)The book is the 12 days of Christmas song. Hope you all survived Black Friday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

He's 3

Now, that's the face of a happy 3 year old boy!!! Max, of course had a 'Cars' birthday party. This boy is car obsessed, Lighting McQueen, monster trucks, dump trucks, big wheels, hot wheels as long as it has wheels. Notice how the table is all set......I had all the paper goods set out on the counter and after I put the table cloth(plastic) on Max said"oh, my friends need them plates", he then set the table naming all his friends who were coming. The only adult he set a place for was my sister who he calls 'my leste' her name is Celeste, unfortunately she couldn't make it, but three of her kiddos came so he was happy to have cousins. So many of the kids we invited were siblings, so when I wrote up the invites it didn't seem like that many, but in reality it was 14 kids 4 and under....I know holy cow!!!!! Max had a blast. I loved watching Izzy become a social butterfly at the party, school has really brought her out of her shell and I swear her new hair cut has given her more confidence.....she's hot stuff now....she loves doing her hair. Just had to share that sweet face.

A Gift for Violet

Hi there, I just thought I'd show you some pics of the gift I made for my friend Jodi. She just brought another beautiful, button-nosed, chubby cheeked cutie pie into the world......little Violet. I made her gift out of an old encyclopedia.....I screwed the pages together and glued some too, then cut two square openings
into the book pages ....... made tiny books that slide into the hold pics. I also cute a recessed area out of the book pages to hold a photo. I don't know if my description makes sense, but anyhow here are the pics.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just a quick reminder Nov. 22 @10:30 is Bookin' It. This Month is the gratitude journal. I finally finished Dec. 2 Bookin' It project, you can check it out at Scrapbooks Etc. I forgot to take some pics of it before dropping it off, so I'll post pics of it later. Have a super dayy everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Do's

I forgot to post pics of Izzy and Max's new Do's. She pretty much just buzzed Max, I love him with spikies. Izzy got a Bob and it brought out her curls again. Isn't she just the cutest! When they cut it they blow dried it, flat ironed it and even back combed it. Izzy loved all the pampering. She loves her haircut! Izzy's hair always gets static crazy after riding in the car, so the girls said to rub a dry sheet over it. So Izzy made me bring a dryer sheet with us everytime we went somewhere that day so her hair would be "beautiful'. She is becoming quite the girly girl, she just now came in and asked me to paint her nails. So fun!

Patient Update

He SURVIVED!!! Gabe is doing great, now. He had his surgery Friday Morning @ 8am, which meant we had to be in Phoenix at 7am, brutial! i am not a morning person, I soooooo wish I was. The Dr. didn't do the pins which means his cast is huge! Seriously, that things weighs a ton and Gabe is acting like it weighs 2 tons. He was being totally dramatic Friday and Saturday. His hand got really really swollen, which of course hurt, which of course meant more sudden loud moans and whins. Yesterday was the first day he went all day without his sling. He still isn't walking normal, apparently a large cast makes Gabe walk like the hunchback of Notre Dame. he really is fine, the worst part is he can't get a good nights sleep, so his TIRED. He keeps hitting himself during the night with the cast, lol. He's a wiggly sleeper. This picture is of him Friday night. On the way home from the surgery he kept crying, he was really hurting. My mom called to see if he was ok and I asked if she could bring him a movie to watch (my mom has more movies than Blockbuster) she said she had just bought 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' and Gabe could be the first to watch it. When I told him he stopped crying for a few minutes and actually smiled. So I got a quick pic of him in the 3D glasses, so cute.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gabe Update

Well, Gabe FINALLY got to go to the Dr. today. He has had a couple of bad days, but is doing much better today. Bad news is he has to have surgery bright and early tomorrow morning. He may need pins put in, the Dr. said he'll have to determine that once he is in surgery. He said because of Gabe's age this kind of break is tricky, since kids grow so much at this age. At this point I would rather them put the pins in because the Dr. said if the bones are not lined up perfectly and secured right his arm could grow wrong/deformed. So say a little prayer for him. Believe it or not he doesn't seem scared, in fact I think he kinda thinks it's cool.
And thank you to all who posted comments on my last post, Gabe loved reading them, he had a grin from ear to ear and did his little bashful giggle.Thanks! you made his day!

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Horrible Horrible Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what I learned about myself tonight....I am terrible in crisis situations. I was making dinner while my kids were out front playing. I suddenly heard Gabe making a weird crying kinda scream/whimper. I turned the corner to see my beautiful sons forearm dangling in a Z shape. Sierra (also not good in injury related crisis, we discovered) saw it at the same time as me. We both screamed like idiots. I knew immediately we had to go to the hospital. I was in such a panic I couldn't find my purse or keys, which were in front of me. Sierra and I were totally freaking out. Pierce couldn't bare to look either, but instead of screaming in horror he just kept telling Sierra and I to shut up. I did get it together and we made it out the door in seconds which felt like forever. Luckily we have a new hospital just minutes away. Gabe was in so much pain he started to pass out in the car. Thank heavens there was no blood or I wouldn't have been able to drive. Poor Gabe was going into shock. They didn't even make me sign in they just immediately wheeled him in. He broke both bones in his forearm. They had to knock him out to set his arm. The post X-ray didn't look great, the Dr. said he may need surgery. Tomorrow we will go to the pediatric specialist to find out if he needs surgery or not and when he will get his cast ( he is hoping for an orange cast, he's loved orange since he could talk)
So your probably wondering how he broke it......he and his friends and Pierce were playing dodge ball.....on their bikes!!!!! Pierce as any great big brother would do was throwing the balls extra hard at Gabe. Pierce 'accidentially' hit Gabe on the side of the head and Gabe feel off his bike and BREAK!!! Gabe was so funny at the hospital he asked me, "can Pierce pay me for this?" He feels it's worth at least $50. I said no it was an accident but I will make him be your servant all week, Gabe still wants the $. John & I were worried about the kids, Pierce & Sierra are old enough to babysit but I knew they would be really worried and probably a little scared. so we had my mom go to our house to help get Izzy and Max to bed and check on the big kids. When my mom got there she said they already had the babies in bed and were cleaning the kitchen and folding clothes. It was very comforting to come home and see them working together for us. Now if they would do that when someone isn't hurt. So please pray for Gabe that he will be able to sleep through the night & won't need surgery. Thanks

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Prayer for Emily

I know I haven't mentioned this before on my blog, but a friend of mine from Scrapbooks Etc. Emily, has been going through a rough time. Her husband has been fighting cancer for the second time. Emily has been keeping us all informed on a blog she created about his fight. I hadn't checked it since last Tues. I just checked it and Her husband has lost his battle with cancer. I hope Emily doesn't mind me sharing. I just wanted to ask everyone, even if you don't know her, to please put Emily and her children in your prayers. Emily is an amazingly strong person. She and I used to close at the store together. She'd make me laugh so hard I'd cry most nights we worked together. Tonight I am crying for her and I pray she has comfort and peace. Please pray for Emily!

Baby Masina

My sweet little niece Masina Louise Medley is already two months old and I am just finally finishing her first year book tonight. I have made a first year book for each of my brothers little girls. Really I'm not late I'm right on schedule. I started making these books three years ago as a Christmas present for Michael & Vao. Tiana was almost three months old at Christmas, then I (as Usual) finished Nua's book when she was almost two months and now Masina' see I'm just trying to be consistant. Any old how I just thought it would be fun to post some pics of some of the book. I am hoping the style of this book fits Masina's personality as well as the other girls books fit theirs. Tiana's book it bright, colorful and playful and a bit crazy just like her, we call her the ring leader, she's a character and a half, she keeps us laughing and on our toes. Tiana's book has a lot of clever openings and hidden spots for journaling. Which so fits her, she is CLEVER! Nua's book is very soft and shimmery with pale colors. Nua is as sweet as sugar, much calmer than Tiana (but can hold her own) with a gap toothed smile that melts your heart. So I am hoping I got it right with Masina's book. If I did she'll be sweet, colorful, flirty and playful. We already know she is a flirt, she LOVES to be talked to and is a snuggle bug. Aren't babies just an absolute blessing!