Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ok, I'm going to try again to post everything I made yesterday.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone, I hope you are having a sweet day! Guess what, my husband is a mind reader, he took yesterday off for my birthday and left with the kids so I could be alone and create and I guarantee he did not read my blog... so see he's a mind reader. Yesterday was great!!! I got so much done, so fun. One thing I had to do was homework, that's right homework. Sierra's teacher (who Pierce had last year) always sends home hearts for parents to make valentines for their kids to receive in class. I love that she does this, kids really like the surprise and they love telling their parents to do their homework. Yesterday I found a smoking deal on some lace trims so I bought up a bag full and I couldn't wait to use it... Sierra's heart was the perfect spot for it and it actually turned out the way I planned, lol. I also made little valentine book for the teachers. I loved Ellen's AMOUR book (she just taught it at mystic last week) so I borrowed her idea, simplified it and changed the papers. Thanks Ellen, you always come up with awesome stuff that totally make me want to create. These little books were supposed to be made WITH the kids. I got everything out and was all happy to get to do a project with my big kids. Pierce was so annoyed he wouldn't even sit at the table and did not want to give a book that use some mooshy word. Sierra was even grouchy about it, Gabe had the best attitude about it but he only wanted to use the black paper and kept running off. So much for my fun family activity, I ended up sitting at the table alone and then couldn't finish because I had to make dinner. So I finished yesterday. I also finished a baby gift for a friend who is about to have her seventh kid. We are all so excited for her because she has one girl and then five boys in a row and she is finally getting another girl. Angela is one of those amazing ladies who can totally handle tons of kids and make it look easy. I made her an envelope book, each envelope holds a tag where she can write info like; weight, height and milestones. I like making baby's first year books for moms because I think it makes it easier to write down the info. I hope she likes it.
I also got to work on my Stella Ruby project but only a couple of minutes. I am dying to finish it. Well, I think that about covers all my creating for yesterday. Now, I need to go make some cookies for the young women and a couple of other ladies. Wish me luck that I don't eat them all. Ok the pictures won't load annoying, I'll try again later.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I am blogging to brag for a minute, that's right brag! Because on Thurs night something amazing happened. My class finished early....that's right a class I taught finished early, mind you it was only 10 min. early but for me that is a miracle. Absolutely everyone in the class left with a finished book...Yeah Me! It was so nice to teach such an easy book. And thanks to the Miller's for making it a wild and fun time. I love having the Miller ladies in my classes they always make it a party, literally a party, they brought food for all,thanks again Sandy.
By the way have you been into Mystic Paper since Sat.? They got in the Basic Grey paper, Heaven! I've been showing anyone who will look and talking about it to anyone who will listen. I know to none scrappers I must sound like a complete weirdo, but seriously I am so in love with these new paper lines. And for you my dear sweet Caroline I am already coming up with a class for the Stella Ruby paper as you requested. About 10 min. after I saw it I knew just what to do with it. I've already started and it's killing me that I don't have the time I want to work on it. As I said above I really enjoyed teaching a simple class that everyone could finish easily, so of course this one is going to be crazy and probably take two nights, simple is so overrated.
Well, I better go to bed I don't want to be exasted tomorrow on my birthday, so lame, I hate my birthday. Honestly, my dream birthday would be to wake up to a spotless house and be home alone all day and just create.....two, or even three days alone would even be I really don't want to celebrate my birthday at all. I must say good night now....I promise next time I will have something visual to post. Have a super duper day tomorrow and keep creating.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ok, seriously I am dying of curiousity and jealousy...Kim, Ellen and Jennifer have been at CHA since Sat. they said they'd post pics on the blog....NO pics all're killing me guys. It's probably a good thing I wasn't at CHA because I would go nuts.. I have officially admitted I am just as addicted to the shopping as the scrapping. New products get me so excited.

I'm done whining. I thought I'd do a quick post and show the flower mini board book I made to teach alcohol ink tecniques at Mystic Paper. Alcohol inks ROCK! totally ruin your nails but it's worth it. Not sure yet when I'll teach it, hoping end of Feb or begin of March. It'll be $35..I'm trying to create classes that won't cost as much and be more focused on one or two techniques. Anyhow, thanks for taking a peek have a super day!!!