Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's That Time Again....

Time to send the kids back to school and time for me to create another School Days Book. This is my four one, WOW it feels like I just did the first one last year. This years (of course) can hold LOTS of your childs special papers......why can it hold so many you ask.....because it is mostly made out of 9x12" clasp envelopes and in between are super cute die cut shaped pages. This book is packed with die cut shapes....just think of all the time I'm saving you if you take the class. And for added fun most of the shapes are cut out of felt, vinyl, denim and even chenille (sooo soft) Happy Creating Everyone

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Next Class

I can't believe it but my last Creative Kids Workshop is next Fri. July 24. Boy it has gone by quick. We will be creating a magnetic frame/message board that hangs on the wall for only $24. It's a totally smoking deal, just the three frames are worth $24. The kids will create 9 magnetics, one is a 4x4 flip book that you can write on with dry erase markers. And the best part is you can pick your color of ink, so it will match your room. This class is great for learning new techniques. Hope to see you girls there. BTW you can buy kits at the store for it but the mask and ink are not included.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Party Review

17 kids ages 3-5 years old....crazy yes, but so cute and so fun! The only kid who couldn't make it was my niece Malia, who was home super sick, poor thing. I never would have survived if it wasn't for my big kids. Sierra and Gabe took the first shift, they wear incharge of concessions. I found sesame street paper cups with lids and straws at Walmart and some cute paper popcorn bags at Hobby Lobby. The kids were really excited about their popcorn bags and cups, in fact they all took them home with them to make more popcorn at home. The first 45 min. the kids actually sat and watched the movie but once they had eaten all their treats they had enough of sitting still. It was funny how the kids began leaving the room, it was literally youngest to oldest. The girls began playing the usual elaborate imaginative games and the boys went wild. That's when Pierce got put to work. The six boys chased Pierce for at least an hour running and screaming and giggling the whole time. Pierce finally throw his arms in the air and said,"I give up, you guys win!" to which Max exclaimed, "We WIN! We WIN! yeah baby!" Then all the boys said lets do it again. Max was in boy heaven, he is always surrounded by girls, so to have five other boys over was so exciting to him. And so cute to watch. Izzy and Max had so much fun, they really love throwing parties. It was totally worth the chaos to see their happy little faces. I think we will definitely have to do it again, only next time 2 hours Not 3 hours.

Next Creative Kids Workshop

Just a quick blog to remind all tweens and teens this Friday July 10 is my next Creative Kids workshop. We will be creating this cute journal. Kids will learn how to sew a book and fun accent stitching, plus I will be teaching them some keys to successful doodling on the projects. Hope to see you girls there.