Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kids Creative Workshop- FUN FUN

I survived Creative Kids Workshop!!!! 20 kids, 4hours and no rules - yeah it was crazy!!!! But it was great. It was all girls, surprise surprise. For June we made banners/bulletin boards. The girls got to pick out what they spelled (most did their names), the paper, paint and embellishments. I let them go into the store and pick out their own ribbon, they really liked this part! I don't think I have ever had such a huge ribbon bill. It was so fun to watch them getting so excited and they really made some super cute stuff. I let them take home all the letters they wanted, boy were they excited. And yet I still have tons of letters left.
I thought it would be fun to post pics of what my kids and I made for examples in class. Pierce's is the Rock On, Gabe's is Cool Dude, Sierra's is obviously Sierra. The picture of Sierra holding the 'Melinna' sign is one Sierra made when we came home from class, she was dying to be crafty when we got home. She made it for her best friend, she did almost all herself. She's becoming quite the little creative wiz. If you are wondering what we used for letters it is Creative Imaginations- it's an awesome alphabet set. Rock On was made with some die cuts at Scrapbooks Etc.

July's Creative Kids Workshop is a mini 'All about Me' album (6x9). There will be three book color schemes to choose from.

What a great week!

I had Bookin' It Thurs. - it went really good, great group of ladies. Pierce was my assistant in class. It was fun to have him there, he was a good helper, he mostly drew during the class. He has become quite the little cartoon artist, he even has his own style already.

Friday was 4th of July but to me it's Johns Birthday. John went and worked out for 2hours then went to lunch with his sister, then we all went shopping for Dad. Guess what John bought for himself- nothing, but Max and Izzy got some new clothes - so it definitely was a parents birthday. My mom had us all over for a barbeque like every year, it was a blast and yummy - steak & shrimp yum yum.

Sat. we went to Prescott and marched in a parade for APS (john's work). Izzy was so cute on the back of the truck waving her flags. Max, Sierra, Gabe and John all walked and handed out flags and fans (the prize handout of the parade). It was fun, it got super hot during the parade, but once the parade ended the weather was awesome. We just strolled around the Arts & Craft Fair and the whiskey row. I really like Prescott, especially the old Historic homes. We decided to take the long way home, the scenic Route, the car sick route. I thought I was going to die or throw up. I usually don't get car sick, but holy cow I was miserable. I survived, unfortunitly Gabe didn't, 20 mins. from home he started throwing up. We luckily had a bag, but not everything made it in. He totally threw up on Sierra! Which you can imagine didn't go over so well. Poor little boy, he almost made it one windy road trip without getting sick. I think John is finally convinced we need to buy dromamin before road trips now. Even though we ended with a mess we all still had a great time and have decided we are going to make it an annual thing. My only regret is I forgot my camera, luckily my sister-in-law had hers so I'll be bugging her for copies. I'll post them when I get them. Have a super great day!