Friday, June 22, 2007

I am so excited to finally be able to officially announce that I am teaching at Creative Escape in Sept. We just had our preview days last Fri & Sat. and may I just say it's going to be totally awesome. All the teachers got to take the classes as well as the volunteers. My sister will get to be my assistant at the event which will be wonderful, so she also got to go to preview day which was so fun for us it was a great sister day.
I really am so excited for this opportunity but it is a bit bitter sweet for me. You see I am the replacement. Rebecca Sower was suppose to be teaching but sadly she will not get to due to an illness. Rebecca is crazy talented, so I hope people won't be too disappointed she is not there. I want to be totally excited but part of me feels so guilty that I am getting this great opportunity because someone else is suffering, so it is a bit bitter sweet. My thoughts and prayers go out to Rebecca and her family and I'm sure we will see more of her in the future..she is so talented.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here is the last of the teacher gifts. I made both of these for Sierra's teacher. The little teacher book is for the kids to write in..... and I know what your thinking it's not Christmas......but I had great photos from the gingerbread party... I actual had pics of every kid in the class....and seeing as how she has a gingerbread party every year I thought she would like Sierra said I had to. I used an old kids boardbook for the gingerbread house book and the teacher book was file folders like te other teachers. Well, anyway that's all from the gift front.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I made this little mini file folder book for the kids in Pierce's class to sign and write in for his teacher. I also made her a little travel journal because Pierce said she usually goes somewhere every summer. I loved how important it was to my kids that I MADE each teacher a gift and that the kids were so specific about what I should do.

Well, I am finally posting pics of the presents I made for my kids teachers. For Gabes's teacher I made this big file folder book, like the school days one I taught only different papers, I didn't put any photos in because I know she has tons.....inside the folders I made tags for each kid to write her a little note on....Gabe said I had to use green because it's her favorite color. She was so sweet when I gave it to her, she is pregnant for the first time so she's a little extra emotional, she said she didn't want to look at it yet cuz she didn't want to cry more. This is her first teaching job, right out of college and our school looped so she has been with the same kids for two years and she is really attached to them. Gabe said Mrs. Calise and most of the girls in the class were crying all day. I'm so glad Gabe was blesssed to have her for a teacher, she truly loves the kids. He is going to miss her so much. He said he wished he could have her as a teacher thru 12 grade. So sweet. I'll post pics of the other gifts later. Have a super day everyone!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Last night was my King of the House class. It went great, the laadies were hard workers. They all wanted me to post picks of the book so here you are ladies. Have a super day.

Father's Day book.