Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello out there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to all the ladies who were in my class last Thurs. It was a great class, full of great ladies. I think everyone enjoyed learning to paint with beeswax. I am so bummed, because once again I forgot my camera. I really want pics of my classes. Kim did take a couple pics, which I would just like to say whoever posted that dang ugly pic of me is in the dog house. Seriously I look like a fat demon, gotta love the way big eyes always catch the flash. But there are some cool pics of pages the students painted. I taught how to create your own pattern paper with beeswax and paint. The best part was seeing all the great patterns everyone created, seriously dang cool pages. You guys were pros. I'm trying to post some pics of the book we made, but blogger doesn't want to cooperate.

Next Thurs. is my Stella Ruby altered book (first class), and I'm so excited because most of the same ladies will be in the class. I must say I have been blessed with great students who are willing to adventure into my messy madness and are more like hanging out with friends. I really am grateful I get to teach. So, thanks to all you great ladies who make it so worth all the work and really make my day.

Well, it's 12:40am and tomorrow is a busy day. I'll be going to Mystic Paper to finalize all the plans for CKC Mesa. I'm so excited. So I better get some shut eye. Hope everyone has a super duper Friday!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am sooooo tired, but I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. So I thought I'd post a peek at what I've been working on. I love doing altered books, so I decided to do one for a Mother's day class. I got real lucky and found a set of encyclopedias for cheap. So, after giving two to Sierra and me messing up one and making one look great I now have 10 left, so once you see the class available sign up. I have finally finished everything for my wax painting class tomorrow. That is everything but the 7 pieces of cardstock I just scored wrong, so tomorrow I guess I will be buying more paper and cutting again. Once I start cutting things wrong I know I have stayed up to late, so I will say good night before I write something embarrassing. Have a super duper Thurs.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Here are the pics of School Days.
It's the first day of spring break and two of my kids are typical. Sierra's got a sore throat,etc. and Max is coughing terrible which is causing breathing problems, so he's been doing SVN treatments, which is not easy with a 16month old. My big boys had a fun weekend with my mom. My mom is awesome about taking the kids overnight, she likes one on one time with them, so everyone takes turns. Pierce tries to go about every weekend. This weekend was Gabe's but he didn't want to be alone so he asked Pierce to go with him. Nothing makes me happier than when my kids actually want to be together. They stayed Sat. and Sun. night. Today Mom took them to the Science Center. So at least two out of the five are getting to play a little.

Well, I'm really just blogging to post some pics of my newest class...School Days, it will be May 5 @ 2-7pm. Don't worry, I'll let you take a dinner break(a little one,lol). It should be a fun class, we will be making a large book that will hold all your kids papers, artwork, report cards etc. and a little book that is a perfect end of the year teacher gift. I always make my kids teachers gifts. I thought this one would be perfect for students to write a little note to the teacher in or fill with pictures from school, it's all up to you. I bought the Vintage Ephermera book(Design Originals) just for this class, there are some really cute vintage kids we'll be adding. Hope you like it and hope your having an awesome Monday.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I forgot to put the before picture on. So here it is with acouple more from the book. Check back soon, because I just finished another class project, think end of the school year.

It is time to post pics of my upcoming class- Stella Ruby altered book. I'm so excited to get to teach how to alter a real book. So here's a pic of what the book looked like to begin with and some peeks at what it looks like now. I can only have 8 students in this class because I only found 9 books. As of today it's half full so sign up quick. It's going to be a two part class, lots of gluing and drying time. I'm so excited about all the awesome lace I found for it and the dress patterns.

Ok, I'm going to try to load photos again. I think when you write (blabber) too much it can't fit pics. So here are the photos from the rodeo.
Ok, so I finally removed some of the photos from my computer so I could upload the monster load of photos I took last weekend. So, now I can finally post some new pics. Sat. we went to Lehi Days Rodeo, it was a blast. I am not a rodeo gal, well actually I think the rodeo is cool, I guess I should say I'm not an animal gal, especially stinky animals (cows, chickens, pigs, goats etc.) The only animal that I can say I really love is horses. There's is just something awesome about riding them, not that I ave a lot,lol. Lehi days is really a family day, you can sign up for different events. Pierce, Avery & Dakota (my nephews)did the calf ride. We signed Gabe up, but big surprise he chickened out, poor kid has my anxiety (I was a major stress kid, I've gotten better LOL) We also signed Sierra up, but as soon as she saw the boys falling off a second after coming out of the gate she said "No way!". Her friend Melinna took her place, which I am still feeling guilty about she was totally crying, falling hurts. Pierce was the first of our boys to go, he did awesome and rode the longest until his cousin Dakota went. Dakota is a natural athlete plus he's a dare devil. The best had to be Avery. The gate opened and the calf layed down. We were laughing so hard. The calf did get up and Avery lasted about a 1/2 second. He was a great sport about, I got a picture of him laughing as he walked away. It made it even funnier because he was wearing his baseball pants, not exactly rodeo gear but he had practice that day. The pony ride was a big hit, even Izzy and Max got to ride. Max's favorite was the tractors and eating graham crackers, Izzy liked the animals, Sierra liked being allowed to carry the cell phone and go off witout parents with her friend, Pierce loved the calf ride and Gabe just thought it was fun. I figured we'd go for a couple of hours then leave but the kids we're loving it and didn't want to leave. Luckily my mom was willing to stay with them so we could take the babies home for naps. I went back to get them and unfortunately I missed them in the Greased Pig event. All in all it was a great day. We just might have to make it a yearly thing.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wow! I am a loser blogger!! Sorry to those couple of you who read this blog. I've been busy busy coming up with new classes. I haven't blogged because for some reason I feel it wrong to blog with no pictures and I forgot to take pics of my newest technique class - wax painting. I can't wait to show people how cool it is to paint with bees wax, we'll be creating our own pattern paper and using Basic Grey Scarlet letter paper (love BG). So check out the Mystic Paper site for pics. The wax class will be March 22 6-9pm. And my alcohol ink class still has spots available, it's March 15 6-9pm, if you ever wanted to know what to do with alcohol inks this is the class for you. I am so excited about my Stella Ruby- Altered book class. I just talked to Kim and we set the date for it -April 5 & 12 6-9pm. It will be a two night class because we are actually altering a book. I found 9 -10" x 10" books, which means I can only have 8 students. So sign up quick. This is definitely my favorite book I've ever made. We'll be decoupaging,sewing(don't worry it's not a lot),and blinging everything. And I just minutes ago finished another class project - School Days. It'll be the perfect book to hold all your kids STUFF from this school year. I love scrapbooking!! Love it Love it Love it!!! Well, I have to go Izzy needs me and we have to go shopping -no milk. I'll blog later with photos and tell you all about the rodeo sat. (Pierce rode a calf!)Have a super duper day.