Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ok, last one to show you. My mom and dad's were both the same idea. I used old wooden puzzle boxes for theirs and put little accordion albums inside to hold photos of grandkids. My moms goes with her decor and my dad's matches the book I made him last year.
Hope everyone had a jolly good time this holiday season and I hope it stays jolly too.

Here is the gift I made Celeste(my sis). I never made a gift for my niece Malia, I bought her a blanket instead which of course her neighbor had given her also-just sinful. So I figured it was about time. This Cosmo Cricket paper just screamed "use me" when i saw it and I immediately tought of these photos of Malia.
I am really excited about te back cover, I made it recessed then added elastic across it to hold the mini album which is a page kit by Cosmo Cricket. Did I mention I love Cosmo Cricket, I even love their ads, they sound like fun people.

Ok, try #4 at post pictures of Christmas presents I made. These pictures are of Michael & Vao's gift (my brother & his wife). They are going to visit Vao's family in Samoa this year. I am so excited for them, Michael has never seen where Vao grew up, so it's a very special trip for them. I love making things fro them they always seem to really appreciate them I they know I do it because I love them.
A sigh of joy, a sigh of relief. It was another great Christmas. The kids were so cute Christmas morning. The big kids were just as excited to watch he little ones open presents as they were to receive them. Gabe was so cute, once he opened his Pirateology book he just zoned out , we actually had to wait for him to stop reading to come open a gift. Pierce really dug the gift Sierra got him (really I got him), it was a really cool belt and a beannie (sock cap) with a brim. Pierce has really gotten into clothes and looking cool this year. He was also very happy to finally own a shirt with a skull on it. Sierra made me laugh because she got the most excited over her slippers. The boys both got rollerblades and Sierra got Heeleys so we spent a lot of time out front on Christmas day watching everyone zooming around (or at least trying) One of our neigbors got a go cart so the whole neighborhood was out hoping for a turn. We are truly blessed with great neigbors and a great neighborood.
One of my favorite things about the holidays is the gift giving. I love shopping for gifts, but I absolutely love making gifts for my family. I don't know why but I actually have way more fun making projects for others than myself. I guess it's the hope that I can let that person know that they are so special to me that I am willing to give of my time not just my $. Time is my most valuable asset. So anyway I thought I'd show you what I made for everyone this year, now that it's safe and everyone has their gifts. Ok I have tried twice now to add photos and it's still not working and now babies are awake and crying so I guess I'll add them later.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ok I'm going to try one more time to post these photos then I'll admit defeat. Yahoo they finally posted, it only took 4 tries. Sleep here I come.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone is happy and well. Things are super busy around here. As usual I have decided to make a ton of gifts for family, friends and teachers. I LOVE Making gifts for people, it brings me so much joy. Sometimes I feel a little guilty making people gifts, because honestly I probably enjoy making them more than they enjoy receiving them. So far in the last three days I have made 5 frames (for young women at church) & four starbooks (3 are for teachers and 1 for a friend). Sierra's teacher Mrs. Berenter had wanted to take my starbook class but couldn't make any of the times. I had already planned to make starbooks for the teachers, so instead of a holiday one I made her one for her daughters so I could give her a copy of the directions I got on how to make the book hopefully she'll be able to make one with the directions.
Last week really sucked because I didn't get any scrapping time in until Thurs. so of course Thurs I stayed up until 4am Fri morning finishing the girls frames, which I have now realized I forgot to take a photo of before I gave them to Elizabeth to wrap oops. I guess I won't be showing you those. But I do have pics of the starbooks. I used Stickles on the holiday starbooks, I totally love this product it made the books sparkle perfectly. Ranger products totally rock. Speaking of Ranger products I talked to Heidi Swapp and she got to go to Tim Holtz HOUSE and he showed her how to use his products. I'm chocking on a big 'ol piece of green jealousy pie right now. If you can handle the jealousy go to Heidi's blog - . Well, it's late I don't feel like going to bed even though I know I need to maybe I'll bake some cookies for my yw class for tomorrow or maybe I'll be a responsible adult and go to bed. Have a super duper Sunday. Wish me luck on finishing my holiday gifts.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ok, posting pics is so frustrating, they never end up where I put them in or in the order I put them on. Anyway here are the pics of the Christmas cones I made like I saw in CK and my gold and silver living room tree.

Well, the Christmas decorations are officially up. I always put them up no later than the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Well, I tried, we got half up that Sunday after Thanksgiving but when I went to do the living room tree we discovered the lights were all dead. So I had to buy new lights, which I kept forgetting everytime I went out. Once I finally bought them I didn't get enough so once again I had to wait to finish decorating. I don't wait well. I hate stopping in the middle of a project. When I painted for people I'd work 12-15 hours quite often just because I couldn't handle walking away from the project.
I love decorating for Christmas. The family room tree is the family tree and every year me and the kids make ornaments for it. The living room tree is MY tree and I and only I decorate that tree. Ok so sometimes I let the kids help a little. This year we did an alphabet tree. I had lots of chipboard letters leftover from A-Z class so we just painted them and hung them with ribbon. I also made some cone trees for the front door, I totally stole that idea out of Creating Keepsakes mag (love that mag) I just jumbo sized mine. Anyway everyone is waiting for me so we can watch Pirates of the Caribean 2. Here's a few pics of the kids decorating the family room tree. You'll notice only Gabe putting on ornaments because Sierra and Pierce decided to have a huge fight so they went to bed and Gabe enjoyed gloating the next morning about how he got to put the angel on the living room tree. Oh those sweet holiday memories. Have a groovy night.

Well, I am certainly a losey blogger. Today I'm alittle bummed out. Yesterday was Gabe's B-day and the poor sweet boy was throwing up all all all day. He never complains when he's sick but yesterday his head hurt so bad he was balling. Plus Max throw up and had diaharia which caused a terrible rash. And Izzy was having trouble breathing, she felt so bad she actually asked for a breating treatment, that tells you how bad she felt cuz she hates the treatments. So since everyone was dying we canceled everything for today - Gabe's baptism, basketball and his party. And this morning everyone is FINE. Yeap I cancelled his baptism and he's fine, absolutely FINE, in fact right now he's at his basketball game. I'm so bummed, but I still think it was the right thing to do the babies still aren't 100%. So anyway today we are going to try to make up for Gabe's losey birthday. I made him a little book I had planned to display at his baptism. I'm going to try to post some pics of it, I tried earlier but it didn't work so I'll try again. I'll blog later with christmas decoration stuff. Hope all are healthy - have a super duper day.