Sunday, August 26, 2007

I thought this was just so cute and funny that I had to share. My boys are playing pop warner football for the first time and honestly it has been brutal!!! They were so funny the day after they got their pads they wore them all day around the house. They kept running into each other and tackling each other and anything or anyone who came near them. These pictures are of them on my bed watching TV, it just totally cracked me up to walk into my room to them relaxing in their huge pads. Boys are sooo funny!! I'm so glad they are having fun and I'm even more glad the first three weeks of every night practices are over!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I thought I'd give everyone a little peek at some stuff I've been making for my trunk show table at Creative Escape. I decided I wanted a theme for my table and I am having so much fun with it, I absolutely love doing display stuff! I'm getting so excited!!!! I'm really glad my sister Celeste will be my classroom volunteer, that way if I screw up at least I know one person in the room will still love me, lol. Celeste will also be teaching the attendees a little something for my class at technique night, so glad I have her. I must tell you guys how awesome all the volunteers are, they were all hand picked, and they are really going to be the backbone of this whole event. It's just going to be so fun!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My first class at Scrapbooks Etc. is coming up soon - Sept 1 to be exact. So I thought I'd post some pics of the project I am doing. It is another school book to hold kids papers and artwork and of course their school pictures. So, if you are interested sign up quick as of Sat. there was only 6 spots left.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I thought it would be fun to give everyone a glimpse at why I call My little Man Max the Master of Mischief, Mayhem & Messes. He is so sweet and funny but boy oh boy can he make a mess. The picture of the sewing machine and junk is another Max mess. He loves to stick stuff in small holes or openings. Well, my sewing machine case has a small opening under the handle, I had no idea he had been stuffing stuff in there until I pulled the lid off and everything came tumbling out. I can't get too mad at him when he smiles so sweet back at me and rubs my arms. I love this age even though it can be frustrating with all the messes.